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What Is Red Boost?
Red Boost was transformed from a winning info offer, Hard Wood Tonic, into a potent supplement offer that CRUSHES cold and warm traffic from ALL types of male and even female demographics.
Here’s why it’s gonna CRUSH and make you bank this year:
Red Boost has been created by Clickbank diamond vendors who generate $60 million in sales and more each year and were Clickbank’s NUMBER 1 VENDOR for 2021.
Red Boost has been optimized and fine-tuned to get you the BEST conversion rate and ROI for your spend.
Red Boost has a powerful and NEW unique mechanism because it targets the real cause of men’s failure to perform in bed, instead of the same old ‘blood flow’ mechanisms that have been around for years.
We’ve got all the best tools including copy ideas, email swipes and angles for you to make bank from all types of traffic: FB, display, search, native, email
See below for the best tips, tricks and copy ideas for becoming successful FAST by making bank with Red Boost.
Who Buys Red Boost?
This offer has a 3-5% conversion rate for email lists with men 35-75 years old. Interestingly, younger guys also now have the highest levels of ED recorded.
You’ll also see decent results from younger male demographics such as those interested in dating, muscle building and even financial success.
To sum up, Red Boost can vacuum up conversions from a wide variety of demographics:
Any health lists with men
Weight loss

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